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Edge case questions - calc conditions and states

After using the tool on a few apps, there are a few edge cases I’ve noticed that don’t appear to be accounted for:

  • in one case I got a flag that no fields in a table were used in charts. In this case, the field was used, but only in a calc condition. Is that a supported scenario?
  • I am trying to test out a fairly complex app, but the generation keeps failing, and I finally noticed that the bookmark is not fully applying - it’s only applying the bookmark for the default state and is missing application of alternate states, which is required - are states supported in the tool?
  • I’ve also seen a few instances where a flag was generated for missing extensions that were definitely there, so not really sure what’s up with that

oh, one more unused field that was used - I think there was one instance where a field was only used in a sheet title and was marked as unused.

All of these cases should be supported. I’ll do some testing and review and may come back to you for more detail.

Sounds good, thank you!

I’m unable to reproduce the calc condition issue you reported. Can you provide some more information?

  1. Version of QSDA.
  2. Where is the calc condition? Chart level or column level? What kind of chart?
  3. Version of Qlik Sense.

Re the missing extension flag. Do you recall the extension? Can you reproduce this?

I tested with a bookmark that had selections in two different states. The result from QSDA were as expected, I could confirm the results by checking the row counts in visualizations from both states. Can you confirm if you are still having this problem and if yes, then describe your scenario? eg how many states are involved and how are you confirming that the bookmark is incompletely applied?

Hey Rob - thanks for looking into these. Here are some of the details you requested:

QSDA version: 1.1.0-Beta
QS Version: Feb 21 patch 4

Calc condition issue:
It is still replicating for me and is actually a ‘Show Column If’ expression vs a full object calc condition, apologies. This table is a list of users that I am later using to show a column in a table only for the list of users in the table.

Here’s what QSDA shows:

Used here in a column show hide in a standard table:

full expression:

Missing Extension flags:
I’ve seen it pretty regularly in my tests. Here are two examples showing four different extensions, all of which are working fine in the apps. I’ll keep an eye out for others as I don’t know it’s necessary these specific extensions that are the problem.

Multi-state app/bookmark:
I am trying to evaluate a pretty complex app that uses a default state and two other states and am getting an error running the analysis. There could be other issues going on, but I created a bookmark specifically to test the app (it’s usually in a mashup and so the mashup handles the default selections). After it failed, I checked the Collection Properties in the Admin pane and under Current Selections, it is only showing the selections in the bookmark for the default state. I don’t actually know if this is just a display issue or an actual application issue.


and here’s the bookmark definition in the app:

Does this Show If expression show up in the Expression grid? If so, does it list any Field Names?

I believe the missing alt state selections is just a display issue. I’ll work on that.

The other issue is what was the Error that caused your Analysis to fail. Can you check the Error Log?

The Show If expression does show in the expression grid, and the field is listed in the Definition, but is not listed in Fields:

So is [OAM Users] in the Definition but not in the Expanded definition?

the values of the field [QAM Users] are shown in the Expanded definition, but the Field name itself is not listed there or under Fields.

Re the [QAM Users] problem. Fields appearing only in the un-expanded expression were not being captured. I will fix in the next build.

BTW, unrelated, you may find it easier to write that expression as:

=Max(Match(OsUser(), [QAM Users]))

Excellent, thanks for the fix and the tip. I’ll check on the states issue again and follow up with info on that one.

Rob - I did run the app with multiple states with a smaller tenant and it worked, so it could have been a timeout, though I’m not totally sure about that. If I see the issue again, will pull the logs and attach.

Fixes for all three issues are in the 1.2.1 build. Extension processing for QCS - SaaS is still limited.

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