"Access denied to Lineage Data"

I’m helping a customer implement QSDA and I searched but couldn’t find it in other topics.
When they run their analysis for their apps, they get the following error:
o “Access denied [5]:Access denied(Access denied to lineage data)”

What could be the problem? Is it related to the EngineAPI?

(Big fan of the tool and your work)

With Windows logins, it hangs on 15 % for a loong time, but then it works (with the above error).
With certificate logins, it just runs perfectly.

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Thanks for the feedback. The userid associated with the connection does not have access (Qlik Security Rules) to see the lineage data for the app. This usually comes up in published apps.

You might reasonably ask me what the security rule / resource would be that controls this access. I don’t know off the top of my head but I’ll research.


Thanks for your response and the info! I will check the rules.
Did you happen to find out which rule / resource is involved in that access?

Hi, Sorry for the delay. I’m still trying to dig this out.


Sorry, I still don’t have the answer! I know RootAdmin works, but can’t find out what (if any) security rule resource would work as well.


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