All Calctimes show 0.000

Ran analysis on one of my applications and resulting Calctimes all show 0.000. I’ve checked my sheets and all visualizations (with the exception of a few) fully load and display data properly. I’ve reloaded data multiple times and analysis still shows zero valued Calctimes. Not sure what the issue might be. Normally works on other applications I’ve analyzed.

Error log:

Please confirm that that the “collect calctime” option is set on by reviewing the Collection properties.

Just checked it, and it does show “True” for that.

Fixed by including disabled properties.

Including disabled properties actually fixed only a few of them, but a large majority of the visualizations are still showing up as 0.00 even though they are indeed loading in the sheet itself. After analyzing, these errors appear:

I’m not sure if there might be some property in my application that is causing this to happen.

Additional Error Log:

Can you send me the entire error log file? Please attach to a ticket at


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It’s an odd one. The Qlik server seems to be cancelling the calculations immediately. Can you restart the QSDA Services and see if the problem changes?

Just restarted and ran analysis again. A lot more visualizations were included this time, but some are still not being calculated. I’ve attached the error log on my support ticket.