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App analysis never completes

I have tried various apps but none of them ever completes. The timer keeps ongoing indefinitely (left it for over 3 hours) and the progress bar never shows any movement. Furthermore, the ‘View’ button remains ghosted. Only the ‘Remove’ bottom is clickable. However, when navigating to the Collector List, the app(s) seem to have finished when checking the info popup by pressing the 3 dots. Any help/pointers on this issue because till now I did not manage to view any analysis results. Many thanks.

I believe what you are seeing an issue with the progress bar not updating. If you refresh the applist page, do they show as complete?


Hi Rob,

Thanks for replying back.

Yes, that is correct, if I refresh the page or click on another app from the list and back to the analyzed app, the progress bar marks as completed.

Many thanks for your support.

Hi Rob - Any plans to fix this in the future release so that the progress bar updates itself?


Yes, I do plan on fixing it. It’s been a frustrating bug because it happens intermittently and I have not been able to find the cause. I think I will have to modify the approach.

Agree Rob, I noticed that it happens intermittently. When you have the fix, please let me know.

Thank you,