"Authorized Groups" in Connection is not working

HI, I have created multiple connections in QSDA and I am trying to limit the access to the connections based on the “Authorized Groups” but unfortunately it’s not working, the connections are not showing in the Analyse section connection drop down and the connections are visible once the AD groups were removed from the “Authorized Groups”. I’m missing something here?

Note: “[QSDA Auth]” is enabled in the QSDA Configuration control panel

And also, Is it possible to define which node the analyze app should consume server resources? I am trying to create connection to Prod host from UAT and by default all the analysing apps are opening in central node but I want to limit that and open these apps based on the nodes cofigured in the custom property.
For eg: Stream 1 apps configured to open always in Node 2, so the QSDA also should open the Node 2 instead of Central node.

Use the page “http://qsdaserver:5003/who” to see what AD groups you are in and check that the format is the same as you entered in the Authorized Groups input.