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Build 0.3.2 Alpha is available

Hey QSDA Pro Alpha Testers,

A new build, 0.3.1, is available. See a list of changes in this build at

If you want to just kick the tires you can play with the demo site https://easyqlik.com/qsda/demo . Feel free to launch a new analysis or delete old analysis on the demo site. (The demo site is shared by anyone logged in so you may see changes other make as you play).

If you want to install locally to test with your own apps, download the latest build here https://easyqlik.com/dmgr/?file=Qsda_Pro_Setup_032.zip

Thanks. Looks great.

One question: it appears that the CSV download (and XLSX) from the “Fields” tab under Analyze doesn’t actually include the field name. The headers for that CSV only include:

Is Used,Total Values,Total Bytes,Average Symbol Width,Comment

Is that intentional? Seems the export isn’t useful without the field name? Is there any other way to export a list of fields? Note: we are trying to find all unused fields (i.e. “Is Used” is false) so we can look to scrub fields from our data model.

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or trying to do something that wasn’t intended.



That’s a bug that appearing in all exports! Thanks for finding it, I’ll fix it in the next build.

You can use the “Drop Fields Script Generator” form the Tools menu as well to create a Drop Fields statement for unused fields.

The export bug is fixed in build 0.3.4 https://easyqlik.com/dmgr/?file=Qsda_Pro_Setup_034.zip