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Build 0.3.5 Alpha is available

Hey QSDA Pro Alpha Testers,

A new build, 0.3.5, is available. The big changes in this build are:

  • New flags for missing Master Items – Measures, Dimensions & Viz.
  • Fixes for errors seen at the end of the collection process.
  • A new Keys view.
  • The expression view will display a pager control when more than 500 expressions.

See the complete list of changes in this build at

The primary change in this build is a fix for missing name column in exports.

If you want to install locally to test with your own apps, download the latest build here https://easyqlik.com/dmgr/?file=Qsda_Pro_Setup_035.zip

If you install locally, check out the Installing and Getting Started sections in the help Installing

If you want to just kick the tires you can play with the demo site https://easyqlik.com/qsda/demo. Feel free to launch a new analysis or delete old analysis on the demo site. (The demo site is shared by anyone logged in so you may see changes other make as you play).

Good build and runs it’s nicely.

Though I have a more general question. We make use of variables to execute expressions (expression sheet in Excel). This way we can easily maintain them.

The thing is, is that the Doc Analyzer doesn’t pick this up. Resulting in a lot of ‘fields unused’ and makes it hard to throw away stuff. Is it possible to scan through the variables and pick them up?

I know this can become hard, even more with nested variable expressions. But what is your general idea about this?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

The general idea is that a field used in a variable should be marked as in-use, even with nested variables. It works that way in my simple testing. Can you post an example I can work from?

Good to know, I’ll see if I can share an example. I can’t upload a customers file.

You can start by just pasting some example expressions and explaining how they are used. Like:
variable: vX = “Sum(Sales)”
Measure: $(vX)

Field Sales is showing as Unused (it should not)

I was short on time, but I have indeed tested it and it’s working when the calculation is created in the script.

Though when the application makes use of variable inputs say:

let vType = Total ; // But also can be Daily and it used in Variable Input in Qlik.

Sum( Sales_$(vType) ) // Used in the frond-end

The application is not able to see these combinations. Which makes sense, but this was the question that I had in the beginning. Do you think these is a possible solution for this?

Assuming vType is set to “Total” when the collector runs, does “Sales_Total” register as being in use?