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Build 0.3.6 Alpha is available

Hey QSDA Pro Alpha Testers,

A new build, 0.3.6, is available. The big changes in this build are:

  • Hyperlinks to open Qlik App, Sheets, Data model viewer.

  • 10x speed improvement in analysis phase.

  • Analyze Measures used in expressions (QS Feb 2021 feature).

  • Links to Flag help articles.

  • Collecting and Analyzing personal bookmarks (ooh…)

See the complete list of changes in this build at

If you want to install locally to test with your own apps, download the latest build here https://easyqlik.com/dmgr/?file=Qsda_Pro_Setup_036.zip

If you install locally, check out the Installing and Getting Started sections in the help Installing

If you want to just kick the tires you can play with the demo site https://easyqlik.com/qsda/demo .Feel free to launch a new analysis or delete old analysis on the demo site. (The demo site is shared by anyone logged in so you may see changes other make as you play).

The demo site appears to be down - I’m getting the error below. I just happened across this yesterday while looking to see if I needed to update my version of Document Analyzer and would love to see what it looks like in action - is there another way to access the demo?


Hi Hanna,
The demo site is back up. Note the download for the current QSDA Pro version is now at

Excellent, thank you!

Rob - sorry I haven’t posted with feedback for a while but I wanted to let you know the 3.6 version has been working great with apps that we weren’t able to analyze in previous versions. Not sure if you want logs on anything or specific tests to be ran, please let me know.

Thanks - Jerry