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Can't find bad name in chart - suggestions?

I have a Quality flag - Dimension Syntax Error - that I cannot find in my Pivot chart. The name being flagged is bad - I used to use it, but it’s now retired. I can’t find it in sort, or anywhere else in the chart - suggestions? Maybe I should rebuild the chart?

Does this dimension name show up on the DImension view page? If so, can you post the info pop-up for it?


Click the i on the grid view and post the pop-up please.

Got it now - here you go:

Please extract and check the Pivot Table properties as follows:

  1. While on sheet containing the pivot table, add “/options/developer” to the end of the browser url and press Enter to reload.
  2. Right-click the pivot table, select “Developer” then “Properties”. That should open a json properties display for the object.
  3. Mark (Ctrl-a) and copy (Ctrl-c) the json.
  4. Paste in an editor and search for “Total Loan Costs Range”.

Did you find it? If so, can you paste it and several lines on either side?

Yes, it’s there - I found it on at least one my pivots - here is the entire bracket enclosure it’s in:
“qLibraryId”: “”,
“qDef”: {
“qGrouping”: “N”,
“qFieldDefs”: [
“Total Loan Costs Range”
“qFieldLabels”: [
“qSortCriterias”: [
“qSortByState”: 0,
“qSortByFrequency”: 0,
“qSortByNumeric”: 0,
“qSortByAscii”: 0,
“qSortByLoadOrder”: 1,
“qSortByExpression”: 0,
“qExpression”: {
“qv”: “”
“qSortByGreyness”: 0
“qNumberPresentations”: [],
“qReverseSort”: false,
“qActiveField”: 0,
“qLabelExpression”: “”,
“autoSort”: true,
“cId”: “NaLuDU”,
“othersLabel”: “Others”
“qNullSuppression”: false,
“qIncludeElemValue”: false,
“qOtherTotalSpec”: {
“qOtherMode”: “OTHER_OFF”,
“qOtherCounted”: {
“qv”: “10”
“qOtherLimit”: {
“qv”: “0”
“qOtherLimitMode”: “OTHER_GE_LIMIT”,
“qSuppressOther”: false,
“qForceBadValueKeeping”: true,
“qApplyEvenWhenPossiblyWrongResult”: true,
“qGlobalOtherGrouping”: false,
“qOtherCollapseInnerDimensions”: false,
“qTotalMode”: “TOTAL_OFF”,
“qReferencedExpression”: {
“qv”: “”
“qShowTotal”: false,
“qShowAll”: false,
“qOtherLabel”: {
“qv”: “Others”
“qTotalLabel”: {
“qv”: “”
“qCalcCond”: {
“qv”: “”
“qAttributeExpressions”: [],
“qAttributeDimensions”: [],
“qCalcCondition”: {
“qCond”: {
“qv”: “”
“qMsg”: {
“qv”: “”
“othersLabel”: “Others”