Connect to QS entreprise with SAML (QLIKLOGIN)

Hi Everyone,

I was using QSDA Pro on an on prem server using NTLM and now we moved to AWS and we use SAML to authenticate with qliksense virtual proxy.
I’m struggling making the connection work, using QLIKLOGIN method (with the additional configuration already done).

I’m getting : websocket connection. Unable to connect to the remote server The proxy tunnel request to proxy ‘http://10.x.x.x:3128/’ failed with status code ‘403’."

the host is a dns record name that is load balanced to two consumer nodes, on each consumer node there is an engine service. central node is on another machine that are not directly reachable using the hostname I’m using. (but QMC is accessible via that dns record name)

I don’t know if i need to use proxy and enginehost parameters.

here is what I get when I nslookup the host:

I also have a question about the certificate connection method.

Is there a limitations depending on the connection method when using certificates ? because I tried the certificate method and It didn’t work…

Thank you


It appears that your traffic is being routed through a proxy that is not allowing the request. Can you check with your network team to see if there is some proxy config required to whitelist this traffic which is coming from a program instead of a browser?