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Connection issue: ticket retrieval failed

Hi there,
I have trying to make a connection to my Qlik Sense server on Windows, it fails with the message ‘ticket retrieval failed’.
Any idea what the cause would be or where to look for troubleshooting?

I am using the NTLM connection since I do not have a HTTPS certificate installed (asides the self signed that come with the installation of Sense server).

Not sure in which format the user directory should be but I have tried iTenz.local and LDAP://iTenz.local (from the UDC in QMC).


“Ticket retrieval failed” with NTLM generally means invalid userid or password. For NTLM, the directory should be your windows domain name. Userid and password should be the windows values as well.

Does the WINDOWS connection type work for you?

The CERTIFICATE connection (recommended) uses the certificate you export from the QMC.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the quick response.
When using NTLM, I have now filled in the plain domain name in the “User Directory” and it connects :slight_smile:
Now I can start testing so I can use it for my customers.

Hope to meet you once again.

Best regards,