Connection not working (QLIKLOGIN)

Hey there,

we recently updated QSDA to the current version and wanted to use the QLIKLOGIN Connection Type.
Unfortunately, the connection won’t work as you can see in this screenshot:

The error log mentions something about an inactive account:

   at Qlik.Sense.RestClient.RestClient.Get(String endpoint)
   at Qsda.QlikServerConnection.ServerConnectionFactory.GetQrsClient(ServerConnectionConfiguration config) System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: 403 (Forbidden): Forbidden, Your account is inactive. Contact your administrator to activate it.
   at Qlik.Sense.RestClient.SenseHttpClient.GetHttpAsync(Uri uri, Boolean throwOnFailure, HttpCompletionOption completionOption)
   at Qlik.Sense.RestClient.SenseHttpClient.GetStringAsync(Uri uri)

I hope someone can help us :slight_smile:

Try logging in on another tab to the Qlik Hub. Then come back to the connection screen and refresh. Does the frame on the right now show your userid instead of “session inactive”?


Hey Rob,

the frame on the right still shows {“session”:“inactive”}.
Now this error is thrown:

Here is the whole error log:

Is your engine host different than your proxy host? If so, try putting the name of your engine host (central node) in the EngineHost input box.


Are you specifying a Qlik proxy in the connection definition? If so is the same proxy you are logging into the hub with?