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Container charts seem to be causing Object Reference false positives

In both 0.3.5-Alpha and 0.3.6-Alpha I got a bunch of “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” errors. They seem to all be coming from charts I place in tabbed containers (Container “chart”). Nothing seems wrong with the master visualizations in the containers. I placed one of these master visualizations on the same sheet (and unlinked it, so I could change the chart title), re-ran QSDA, and did not get an error.

Which container extension are you using? Find the viz on the Viz sheet, click the i icon and post the Extension Meta here;
“translationKey”: “”,
“icon”: “low-resolution”,
“iconChar”: “g”,
“isLibraryItem”: true,
“visible”: true,
“name”: “Climber Container”,
“description”: “Climber Container”,
“template”: “cl-container”,
“isThirdParty”: true,
“version”: “1.1.2”,
“license”: “Copyright Climber AB”,
“type”: “visualization”,
“preview”: “preview.jpg”,
“author”: “Edward Hallgren & Karl Fredberg Sjöstrand”,
“previewIconURL”: “…/extensions/cl-container/preview.jpg”

I just realized you are using the native Container. I can reproduce the bug and will fix.

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