Create new collector problem

Hi everyone,

I’m tring to create a collection using an API Post call and getting an error, I can’t make it work.

I’m in localhost and I tried with bearer token and without token.

please find below each part on the screen shot below:

1: the post call
On this step, how can i get the connectionId ? I’m let it as it appears for now…

2: call response

3: Collection appearing on the list of collected apps:

4: collection overview with a “App not found [1003]” error

QSDA Pro version: 2.4.1

Thank you for your help


You need to set the connectionId to a valid connection for your environment. To determine the id, use the API api/v1/connections/list

The connectionId will like start with “conn”.

I’ll make a note that the error message should probably reflect connection not found rather than app not found.


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Thank you very much for your responsiveness !

I forgot that i have multiple environments connected…

I’ll get my connectionId first :slight_smile: