Creating collector from the API

Dear Team ,

Creating a collector using the API return a collector with status ERROR.

Error Method “QTProduct” timed out

the request is :

curl -X 'POST' \
  'http://localhost:5003/api/v1/collectors' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
  "appId": "C:\\Users\\DavidGuimard\\Documents\\Qlik\\Sense\\Apps\\MySuperApp.qvf",
  "connectionId": "conn_2ff9784f-9828-412c-9831-9a6c382cc439",
  "replyEndpoint": "http://myhost/myapp/webhook",
  "collectorOptions": {
    "collectCalcTime": true,
    "description": "testg",
    "qlikEngineTimeout": 0,
    "bookmark": "string",
    "includeDisabledProperties": true

any idea??

Kind regards

What version of QSDA?

And what type of connection? Looks like QS Desktop based on the appId?


Hello ,
It is the last version of the product.
Yes it is, when the list of collectors is empty then it work fine.
I can create collector dynamically and load , i noticed that after the third one, the collector created is then in status error .
The operation is not idempotent and that s worry me unless i forgot something ?

Kind regards

Change qlikEngineTimeout from 0 to 90. That should fix it.

"qlikEngineTimeout": 90,

A timeout of “0” is supposed to mean “default”, not literal zero. That’s a bug. I’ll fix that in a service release.

Regarding your idempotent comment. That’s true, it’s not idempotent. Is that a concern of your because in general POST should be idempotent, or do you have a particular concern with QSDA?


Hello Rob,

yes it s a big problem for me, for now it look a bit random, sometimes calling the api works sometimes not… , in the scope of creating collector .

thank you

If you change the timeout to “90” does it still fail? It should not.


Hello Rob,
“collectorOptions”: {
“collectCalcTime”: true,
“description”: “created By Soterre”,
“qlikEngineTimeout”: 90,
“bookmark”: “”,
“includeDisabledProperties”: true
i still have issue : Method “QTProduct” timed out but not systematics .


the frequency of success is higher of course