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Does QSDA identify unused fields generated by DERIVE FIELDS (autocalendar)?

Dear Rob,

One of our apps uses the DERIVE FIELDS command to create an autocalendar.
I am assuming that QSDA is not able to identify if those fields are used or not because I don’t even see the calendar table being listed in QSDA and obviously, nor the respective fields. Even the app data model doesn’t show such a table.
Could you kindly confirm that QSDA is not able to identify used/unused fields created using the DERIVE FIELDS command?

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,

Hello Huberto,

As you’ve noted, derived fields are not part of the standard data model and do not show up as fields. So no used/unused analysis currently in QSDA.

Let me investigate a bit and see if we can find any useful information and analysis about derived fields.