Error 404 Not Found Response from /api/v1/connections/list


I had been using QSDA Pro until Oct of last year without issues. Today I wanted to run a new analysis and found that my connections disappeared and now I keep getting an error when trying to create them again. I have tried NTLM, certificate and I only get this prompt at the bottom of the screen.


The error logs show this as a common error:
2024-01-10 16:42:37.6809 QsdaUI.Service.AdminService+.MoveNext Error 404 Not Found response from /api/v1/connections/list

Any help is greatly appreciated!

FYI for anyone experiencing this issue. The problem was that another program on this machine had taken over port 5000. The resolution was to change the QSDA Api port to 5004 in the QSDA Config.