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Establish a connection the QS Ent

Can you please provide some details on how to find the needed info such as : hostname , port , proxy ext.

Hi. Have you read the tooltip help that appears when you hover over each setting? Does the provide the answer or do you still have questions?

Hi Rob,

When trying to set up a connection this error wont leave me alone.

Unable to establish websocket connection. Unable to connect to the remote server No such host is known. (http:443) No such host is known.

any ideas how to solve this?

Which connection type are you using?

What have you entered for the host name? It should be just the name, no http or proxy prefix.

Hey Rob ,

i am trying to connect to the Enterprise Server and get the below message



not sure what i am entering wrong. . is there a sample connection setting
some where which we can try ?

Can you post the entire screen so I can see the parameters? If you don’t want to post publicly, you can open a ticket at http://support.easyqlik.com/ and post there.