"Failed to open app" with larger apps

Attempting to load apps with sizes of several gigabytes and always coming to the error, “Failed to open app.”

I am using an unlicensed version for now, and am not sure what the size limit is and want to know if this normally works with the licensed version. Other apps of smaller sizes in the same connection list seem to be working, so there shouldn’t be any access issues.

This does not appear to be an issue related to no license. The unlicensed size limit is a limit on the number of app objects (100) which comes later in the process.

Can you please check Admin > Error Log for error messages that appear at the time you start the New Collection?


This is the error log:

A timeout is occurring. Try increasing the timeout value in the analysis options.


Increased ~8GB file to 100000 timeout value and it seems to be working now, thanks!