Feature request: connection selection and security

Hi Rob,
We happen to have 3 Qlik Cloud tenants and 22 Qlik Sense sites.

  1. We would like to select the target Qlik Cloud tenant / QS site connection before the authentication and app listing takes place (avoid the login redirections when anyway the user is not interested into that site/tenant).
  2. Like we can hide the apps/admin sections, we would love to have security control over the connections based on AD groups. By doing so, we would only show the IT managed QS site connections to IT developers and self-service QS site connections to business designers.
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This seems feasible. Let me do some analysis and get back to you with design questions.


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To authorize connection usage by AD Group would require that you opt-in to the QSDA UI Security option. Currently the only authorization method available is windows. Would that work in your case?

Hi Rob, we currently use that Windows option to restrict access to the list of apps and/or to the UI.
This works perfectly fine for us.
We can very well apply the same to data connections in our setup.

The authentication method to Qlik Sense would however be based on either Qlik login or a Qlik Cloud key.


The connection selection feature has been delivered in release 2.3.7.


@armandfrigo connection security is available in the 2,4 beta.


Hello Rob, that’s what I was reading from the 2.4 beta release notes, awesome, thank you very much!!!

Thank you Rob, I had immediately informed the team to try it out. Awesome! :slight_smile: