Feature request: Sort by a column

I realy like QViewer. It’s a great tool!
There is a feature which I’d need daily:
sorting all rows based on one column ASC or DESC.
Often I need to view data in e.g. ASC order (like log entries). I do not need to sort by multiple columns.
Currently I always need to transfer the data to easy morph and hit the sort button.

Thanks again!

This would be hugely valuable for us too! iirc, I remember asking Rob about this before and I think it was difficult for some reason, but I’d love it regardless

I’m planning a QViewer update for Q2. I’ll look at including this request.


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@rob - As you review QV updates, would love for this field to be selectable as well - as of now, you can’t even highlight it to copy/paste and search in the QMC. Small change would be a big help.