Feature request: webhooks


We are working on DevOps automated quality reports with QSDA Pro.
We have defined a webhook in Qlik Cloud to receive a notification on every app publish.
As the webhook is triggered, we will use the Qlik automation to trigger QSDA Pro.
We would like to define another webhook in QSDA Pro when the analysis is complete, in order to trigger the API export of all the metrics and generate a summarized and scored report for the developers.

Do you have plans to provide notifications on analysis completion? (with a simple payload about what just finished)
It can be a webhook or an hardcoded target URL in the config for us, that would work too.

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Interesting idea. Let me do some investigation.


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The webhook is available in release 2.4. There is a new property in the POST /collectors request:

"replyEndpoint": "http://myhost/myapp/webhook"

When the collection and analysis is complete, either normal or by error, the replyEndpoint will receive a POST CollectorCompleteResponse content that looks like this:


A couple of TODO items remain:

  1. Show the CollectorCompleteResponse in the API doc.
  2. Make pending replyEndpointRequests survive a QSDA service restart. Currently incomplete requests will be lost if the services are restarted.

Let me know how this works for you.


Hi Rob, this is amazing.
I praise your capacity to keep track of feature requests and deliver only a few months later!
I will have to double check how often QSDA does restart, but I think this is absolutely fine for now.
Kind regards,