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Great tool. I tried this yesterday and it was a lot slicker. The fact it sits outside of the environment makes it much easier for when you have multiple sites to connect to.


  • When running a new analysis on an app that has section access, but your user isn’t listed in, it hangs until you manually refresh the page.
  • This might exist and I missed it, but when reviewing other peoples work I’d really appreciate a check on measures/variables for the use of string-literal/numeric values in set analysis. For example, I sometimes come across new users referencing the year using hardcoded values which isn’t robust.
  • Where you have an expression that matches a master measure by name - could you show both definitions?


Thanks for the feedback Chris. I’ll work on items #1 and #3. Re checking for literals in set analysis. That is challenging in that Year={‘2020’} might be considered problematic whereas Region={‘EMEA’} might not.

I’ve been thinking through a feature to let you define your own flags or perhaps an advanced search facility. One of those might address your concern. This is likely a ver 2.0 item.

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Items 1 & 3 are in the new v1.1.0 build.

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Thanks Rob, I’ll check it out.