Filter and column selection surviving reloads

Rob, QViewer is one of the our really essential tools in developing Qlik solutions (and heavily promoted by us) to our customers.
Our most wanted functionality that would indeed make Qlik development a lot more convenient is that the column selections and field filters would “survive” the reload of an updated qvd-file.
When you have targeted the columns that you have an issue with in a large qvd file as well as have filtered out a couple of rows with data it would be a really good enhancement if you could do some script changes, rerun the script and not have to do all the selections of rows and columns to see if the script change solved the problem. This is I believe the most needed feature to make QViewer an even more essential tool and I would not need to create a temporary Qlik-app to solve this.
Really great to see an update to QViewer!

I understand. I’ll take a look and report back on feasability.

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@johanlindell I’ve implemented your request and it’s available for download as ver 4.1.1. Column and row (value) selections will be automatically re-applied when a file a re-opened after reload.

Thanks for the suggestion and please let me know if the update satisfies your requirement.

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Works like a charm!

See my first try. Before and after reload with code adjustment. 7 columns out of 46 selected and 2 rows out of 18 000 rows. :smile:

Great thanks!