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Filter Vizlib Expression Syntax False Flags

Vizlib objects create a lot of noise under expression syntax errors. Expressions in Vizlib show as something like below where Var to PY is a field.

=num(Var to PY, ‘#,##0.00’,’.’,’,’)

So, this expression creates multiple syntax error flags.

BTW, I’m not analyzing disabled properties.

Has anyone found an easy way other than removing Vizlib object or hiding hundreds of false flags to get past the noise? I’ll be sure to share anything I discover as I continue to work through this.

Is there a way to exclude values in a column filter. Like ‘does not contain vizlib’ or NOT ‘Vizlib’? If I could filter the where used column in the expression tab that would help clear the noise.

A “not” search does not currently exist, but I’ll take a look at adding it.

For now, you could select “Native” on the Viz page. That would exclude all extensions, therefore the Expressions page would not contain the Vizlib expressions.

I’m curious as to why Vizlib extensions are flagging so many errors. Can you provide me with a collection extract of the problem?