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General Release!

The general release of QSDA, v1.3.0 is available for download.

Thanks to all the alpha and beta testers who brought it this far. Your feedback was important.

QSDA now operates in free and paid tiers. The free (unlicensed) tier is limited to apps with 100 or fewer visualizations, and will not process personal sheets. Purchasing a subscription will remove these limits.

It’s my hope that the value delivered by QSDA Pro will make purchasing a subscription a no-brainer.

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Excellent news, Rob - are there any other improvements to this version or is it primarily the bundling up of the initial GA?

Hi Hannah,
There are improvements in expression scanning that pick up more field and variable names, as well as a few cosmetic improvements.

Note that the 1.2.3 beta version will expire Aug 30 so you will need to update before then. I will likely have another version published before then if you want to wait.


Great, thank you. The August deadline should be sufficient for us to get up and running!