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Getting started : cook book Qlik sense document analyze

Hi There,

I got stucked at this step “Getting Started” > Manage connection. Not sure which connection type to choose and how to configure it. I find the help site didn’t provided detailed information on how to establish the connection.

I am using Qlik sense enterprise, I don’t know what option should I choose under manage connection?

Can anyone Please help!

If you are using Qlik Sense Enterprise, I suggest your first attempt be to use the NTLM connection. A typical NTLM connection may look like this.

In this case, “robxps15” is the name of my Qlik Sense Enterprise host. IsSecure (HTTPS) is set to Yes. Port is left at 0, which means the default will be used.

“rob” is a userid in the “robxps15”.

Password is the windows password associated with user “robxps15\rob”.

I hope this helps you get started. If you have further questions, please post a screenshot of your settings. You can obfuscate the Host or UserId if you are concerned about sharing those details.


Thank you very much, Rob. Its working fine now.