Is a Field in an unused variable "Used"?

For example, consider a variable that contains an expression fragment:
vSet.Year = "{<Year=2014>}"

If the variable vSet.Year is not used anywhere, should we consider the field “Year” as used or unused in field analysis? If you remove the Year field from the model, is anything “broken”?

If the variable is used, for example in an expression:
Sum($(vSet.Year) Sales)
the field “Year” will be marked as “used” in the Expression.

What would you like to see in the case where the variable is not referenced anywhere. Is field “Year” used or unused?

Hi Rob,

My first activity on your site :slight_smile:
I vote/like for Year is “used”.
Why? The variable can be set for usage in NPrinting.

What do you think of a message like “Only used in a unused variable”?

Regards Daan

Hi Daan,
Good idea. I had not thought of variable uses outside of expressions/objects. Like Nprinting or mashups. Let me see if I can implement your suggested message.