Manage Connection Problem

Hi There,

i get the following error message, when i try to test the connection:
Websocket closed unexpectedly (EndpointUnavailable):

Connection Type: NTLM
Host: Computername
Is Secure: Yes
Port: 0 or 443
Proxy: empty
UserID, Directory, Password: Windows Credentials

Sometimes the connection is successfull:
Connected to Engine 64-bit Edition (x64)
But when i try to analyze the apps i get few erros as well.

Hopefully you can help me!

Best regards Son

The NTLM connection is limited by Qlik to 5 sessions. Sometimes, while testing the connection or doing multiple analysis, the session count is exceeded. Then you have to wait for Qlik to timeout the sessions, usually about 15 minutes.

If you are getting intermittent connection errors using NTLM, you can resolve by using a CERTIFICATE or QLIKLOGIN connection instead.

If this does not describe or resolve your problem, please post the error you receive when you try to analyze an app.