Number Alignment Left?

I am noticing with a particular QVD, that there are numeric columns (price_date_id) getting left aligned when opening in QViewer, which also means I cannot right click and format them. Strangely enough the tags all look correct and the same data in Qlik data model viewer is right aligned.

There is a point in this script where we concatenate several columns into a varchar key and then later break them back apart which might be why this is happening. But no matter what I try in the Qlik script to turn these back into a number num#(), they are not reading as such in QViewer.

Any tips to solve this?

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As an addendum to this, I was able to resolve by multiplying the field by 1.

Is it possible you could share the QVD (or a subset) with me via a support ticket at


This is a bug in the Format command. It is fixed in QViewer release 4.3.0.


Awesome! Thanks for that, Rob!