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OEM / Multi-tenant use cases

We are an OEM partner and have a rather large number of apps in our environment where an ‘App List’ is an untenable way to select which app needs analysis. Additionally as we are multi-tenant, we often have several copies of the same app created for multiple tenants and these apps have the same name, which also complicates the ‘App List’. Thinking through these scenarios, I thought of a few options that might make QSDA more usable for us and others like us:

  1. Stream filter - i.e., have the users select the stream first, and then display the apps in that stream. Would need to handle user Work streams somehow here too.
  2. Search bar - search by app name. This would still cause some problems for the multi-tenant copies of apps, but could still be an improvement
  3. Enter App Id - let the user just paste the app id in to begin analysis on that app. As the developer is likely in many cases working on the app when needing to do the analysis, app id should be handy
  4. Add apps individually - instead of automatically showing all apps in the QMC, have the users select apps to track in QSDA and only those show up in the App List

As I’m sure not all of these would be preferable to those with smaller installation, I could see an option in the Admin settings to allow the QSDA admin to set the default view for that installation. Or if count of apps is greater than XYZ, default to one of the other views, but that would require doing the count in the first place which is not really necessary and could be slow.

A few other things that could be useful is to show the user’s name who created an analysis and also some way for a user to see ‘my analyses’, favorites, etc to easily find the stuff they care about. Would be helpful to show the stream in the analysis details.

Thanks for the concrete suggestions. I’ve received those concerns from others with large app lists. I’m going to start by adding the Stream/Space Name into the list and allow filtering by stream.

Excellent - sounds like a good start. Would unpublished apps/those in Work be findable by the stream filter?

Yes. Any stream, including work, that is visible to the userid used in the connection. Unpublished apps as well.

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The v1.1.0 build contains new stream and app filtering capabilities. Check it out and let me know how it works for you.

Excellent, thank you!