Optimized load message not visible in QSDA exports

While loading data, the Data Load Progress window shows if data load from QVD is optimized. Would be very helpful if this message is also available in QSDA exports.

If this message is not available in source data, how does Qlik engine evaluates if a load is optimized so we may be able to reproduce the message?

Optimized QVD Load is something that happens when a Load Script is executed. It is optimized if the Load statement does not contain data transformations. See here

for a good overview.

QSDA does not yet process or offer any advice on the Load Script, although it may be something added in the future. QSDA does look at the data model, but there is no way to determine if the Load was optimized or not.


Hi Rob, thanks for your reply. I know how to optimize loading, but I want to check all apps available on the server to check if all loads are optimized without manually reloading them myself. As it is not available in the log files, it would be nice to have it in QSDA exports. Would be nice to be able to create a shortlist of apps to be optimized.


I understand. Pity that the optimized load message is not kept in the log. If we get to analyzing script in QSDA, I’ll keep your requirement in mind.


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