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Phantom Sheet References?

I am getting flags for bad dimensions and expressions, but they seem to be located in sheets with no name, only an Id. The thing is, these sheets do not exist, at least not that I can see.

Putting the id into a standard app url gives me in some cases a blank sheet, but nothing with the objects in question. The phantom sheets cannot be found in the sheet list or in the AppObjects in the QMC. So right now, I just hide the flags so I don’t see them, but kind of wish they were not getting flagged and also not getting scooped up in the calculation times (I think they might not show up there)

I am wondering if this maybe a reference to artifacts left behind after sheets are deleted or otherwise gone. Any thoughts from the community?

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Hi Aaron,
I think what you may be seeing is a Dimension error in a master visualization that is in the library but not used on any sheet. If so, I’m not doing a good job of describing that in the Location property. I’ll work on that.

Do you see a table chart in the Master Items that might match?

Well that’s interesting. We are not using (extensively) the Master Dims or Measures in this app mostly since users hit a mashup rather than the hub. With that said, I do see a master visualization that is not in use called ‘TestLabel’. This must be it at least for the example I provided. Sounds like you have an idea what is causing the behavior! Thanks for the quick response.