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Progress Bar not updating

Several of you many have an experienced an occasional bug where during an analysis, the progress bar does not update. Refreshing the browser window causes the updated status to appear.

I have also seen this behavior on my installation – very rarely and usually during demos :wink:

It’s been difficult to fix because I can’t reproduce it on demand. If anyone has a scenario where they can reproduce the problem fairly reliably, I love to hear about it.


Hi Rob,

I’ve been investigating QSDA Pro on behalf of my organisation.
I am able to consistently reproduce the ‘progress bar not updating’ issue.

Let me know if I can help here.

Thanks. I may be reaching out to you for testing.

I hope I have fixed the progress bar issue in 1.6.0. At all times, the clock timer should update at least every couple of seconds or so. The progress bar may not show updates for a while it’s a slow analysis. What you should not see any more is an analysis that has actually completed but the progress bar shows it still running. Let me know if you encounter such a situation on 1.6.