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QSDA Enterprise license reports MACHINE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

Our Enterprise License for QSDA Pro that we purchased on Dec 21 has stopped passing license validation after about 4 or 5 licensed installs on different machines.

The License Status shows a status of MACHINE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED and the error message at the bottom states that the license is not assigned to the current domain.

The license is advertised for unlimited installs so I wasn’t expecting an install limit.

We are using version 1.5.3 on Windows Server 2019 in an ESXi VM environment

I’ve resolved your issue via the support ticket you opened.

For the record, and for others who may experience this problem. The Enterprise license enforcement mechanism is based on domain name(s). This can be a problem when the machine is not joined to a domain. I realize the shortcomings of this approach and will work on a permanent fix. In the meantime if anyone is having issue with license activation, please open a support ticket at support.easyqlik.com