QSDA Pro HttpClient.Timeout Error on Qlik SaaS

Hello Team,

Since last week, multiple instances of our QSDA Pro installation are unable to retrieve application lists from one of our SaaS tenants. Even after trying multiple times we get timed out. I see there is another one user complaining of this. Is it possible something got changed in Qlik SaaS that is impacting the connectivity ?

Version: 2.3.8

*This happens with only one of our Qlik saas tenants. The connection to other saas tenants work fine.

2023-07-17 10:03:37.3096 Microsoft.AspNetCore.SignalR.HubConnectionContext.CheckClientTimeout Debug Client timeout (30000ms) elapsed without receiving a message from the client. Closing connection.

I do not know of a change in SaaS that may be causing this. Does the list appear if you refresh the page a few minutes later?


Hi Rob, No the list is not rendering even after multiple page refreshes.
We could see from the Qlik SaaS “Event” console that the api keys are getting successfully validated. Which i guess shows connectivity is not a problem. And the same QSDA Pro server successfully works with another Qlik SaaS tenant !