QSDA Pro V3.0 is available

QSDA Pro V3.0 is available for download

V3 brings a new login experience for QSDA Enterprise customers, giving you control over who can use and administer QSDA.

V3 also delivers a number of usability enhancements such as easier configuration of connections and HTTPS.

V3 is recommended for all new QSDA customers. Current V2 customers should read the upgrade notes here What's New in V3.0.

Hi is it a straight forward update if we are running 2.4.4.?

I think so. There is a chance some of your Control Panel > Config settings will not come forward. But that’s a good opportunity to review the settings in 3.0 :wink:
Take note of the advice to make a backup of the QSDA folder. What’s New in V3.0


Thanks for the reply Rob

Ive stopped the existing services but getting the following error (installing as Local Administrator) :

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 14.39.53

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated

  1. Make sure the QSDA Control Panel is stopped as well.
  2. If that does not fix the issue, try an uninstall of the current QSDA first.


Yep – completely deleted original version. All working man thanks