QSDA Pro V3.1 is available

QSDA Pro V3.1 is available for download.

If upgrading, please read the “Upgrade Considerations” section in What’s New.

Here’s a summary of what’s new in V3.1

New and Changed Features

  • Qlik Roles and Custom Properties may now be used as Authorization in QSDA Enterprise security, in both QSDA Access and Connection Use.

  • New script generators to generate recommended AutoNumber and Drop Tables statements.

  • Table, Field, Memory and Calctime totals added to App Collector list.

  • Qlik Reload metadata in App overview.

  • A warning dialog will be displayed if you attempt to leave a page with unsaved changes.

  • In order to align with Qlik console and management reports, the formula for calculating App Size has been aligned with the Qlik method. In addition, values are now reported using binary units (1 KiB = 1024 bytes), again to align with the numbers reported by Qlik.

  • Many Performance improvements in the QSDA UI.

  • Older VizLib charts may have a number of formatting expressions containing only “”. Technically these are syntactically invalid expressions and are flagged with “Expression Syntax Error” by QSDA. Because they cause no harm in the App, we are considering the flag to be noise and are no longer flagging these as errors.

  • Add “Is Used” to fields list in Table expansion.

  • Admin > Error Log is now a tabbed view of both API and UI error logs.


  • Fix hang in Qlik Login for some customers when using a Virtual Proxy.

  • Fixed logging error “The SSL connection could not be established” at QSDA startup.