QSDA recommend to drop used fields

Hi everyone,

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I would like to share with you what seems to me to be a bug.

We are using QSDA Pro 2.4.1 (entreprise edition) with Qliksense August 2021.

Field names which are composed of two character strings, separated by " - " are tagged on the list of unused fields and therefore to be deleted, by mistake (because those fields are actually used in tables), example of fields below:

[Privé - Banques]
[Privés - Bénéficiaires]
[Privés - Autres]
[Publics - Bénéficiaires]

Is this an identified issue on QSDA ?

Thank you


That is a bug fixed in v2.4.4 What's New in V2.4.4

I recommend you update to the latest, which is 2.6.5.


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Thanks for your quick reply as always !

I have another questions but I’ll put it in another thread, to keep it clean.