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QSDA Release 1.6.0 is available

Release 1.6.0 of QSDA Pro is now available for download.

This release contains lots of new features and a few fixes. Some key items that you may have been waiting for:

  • A new Connection Type, “QLIKLOGIN”. The QLIKLOGIN connection requires each QSDA user to log in with the same process you currently use to connect to the Qlik Hub – Windows, SAML, SSO, etc. The user logs into the Qlik Hub and then QSDA “piggybacks” on that session. Each user will see only the apps they normally see in the Qlik Hub.

  • An option to password protect the Admin License, Connection and Collection List pages.

  • If your QSDA server cannot connect to the internet to install a QSDA Enterprise license, you can now request an offline license key that does not require internet for validation.

And there’s more! Read about all the changes here

Note: If you previously installed the 1.6 Beta, you may receive a prompt for Admin password even if you did not set a password during the beta. If this occurs. open the QSDA Control Panel > Configuration dialog, clear the phantom password and refresh your QSDA browser screen. That should fix it.