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QSDA Unsolicited Ideas

Hi Rob,

I just started using this tool in QS 1.1.0 Beta and LOVE IT. I used the QV version quite a bit, so I am definitely liking the new server-based architecture.

I was hammering my colleague (Hannah Miller) with ideas for QSDA that would make it more usable, and she simply said… send them to Rob. So here you go. You’re welcome!

  • If I run multiple jobs at once (like 4) I can crash the QSDA service. Maybe there can be an admin entered parameter for maximum simultaneous jobs and then a queue mechanism to line up jobs over that number?
  • It would be great if the app list had a check box to filter the apps to apps where jobs have been run. I find myself having to search the list again each time.
  • Not sure if this is easy, but going into the view analysis, navigating back to the app list clears the list again, requiring you to filter/search it again.
  • It would also be awesome if we could filter the list to our personal work stream.
  • Security Admin Roles: This might be a longer term idea, but it is way to easy for me to navigate to the server connection settings and accidently blow away all the connection. If we had a security role, we could limit the more admin-level stuff to a smaller group. This also might be a bug, as it seems each time our server crashes, the connection config is lost and must be reentered.

Thanks for listening. keep up the awesome work!

Aaron Couron

Thanks for the feedback. Interesting ideas. I’ll play with them and get back to you.

I’ll add one other item here since it’s also an unsolicited suggestion!

These two flags in particular I’ve noticed do not show the Field/Table name in the flag description (on the Flags tab) and you have to open the details to see which it refers to. Other flag descriptions do include the field or table name, which is pretty handy - would be great to do so for these as well:

Hi Aaron,
If you open the Stream filter and check “Blanks”, does that filter to you work stream?

Hannah, I’ll take care of those flag texts and review the rest of them.

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Great, thank you, Rob.

We (Aaron and I are using the same installation) have an admin user set as the connection user as it’s being used by multiple developers, which is part of why it’s a bit unwieldy- all Work streams display as blank, so filtering that way doesn’t help a ton unless there’s some sort of user auth we’re missing in the setup.

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Hannah, I understand now. I will display work streams as “Work/userid” in next build.

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Hi Aaron, Can you provide a bit more information about the crash running multiple jobs? What type of connection are you using? Can you describe what the crash looks like? Does the QSDA task terminate? Error messages?


I have attached screenshots of the client error screen, the server connection and a text file of the current error log.

qsda_error_log.txt (85.6 KB)

Looking at the log myself (for the first time) it seems maybe QSDA cannot fully expand our nightmare expressions? We nest several variables to create these. Maybe that is part of the issue…

Here are more extensive logs if needed.
qsda_logs.zip (654.5 KB)

Collected Only and persistent filters are available in the 1.2.1 build.

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Thanks for the new build, Rob. We will be implementing ASAP.