QSDA update 2.4.1 to 2.6.5

Hi everyone,

I’m going to update QSDA Pro from 2.4.1 to 2.6.5

The api engine is heavily used and protected by a bearer token.

Do you suggest me to take a look at the new swagger before or the api engine did not change a lot between those two versions ?

Also, after the upgrade, do I need to :
reconfigure the connections to Qliksense servers ? I’m using certificate method to authenticate.
Do I need to regenerate new bearer token ?

One last question, my client bought entreprise edition with a hundred users, to secure the authentication I know there is an option to active NTLM authentication to the QSDA Pro portal.

Can we use SAML instead of NTLM ? if not, is it something currently in development or in the backlog of the development team?
Can I create some sort of roles, each of which will be limited to a list of specific applications to analyze?

Thank you


You do not need to regenerate the API token or reconfigure the connections for the upgrade.

I recommend reading the “What’s New” release notes from 2.4.3 forward. The only significant API change I can think of is V2.6.0 , a request to /collectors/ will return a Status 409 if the collection is not Ready. What's New in V2.6.0

QSDA V2 only allows NTLM for portal authentication. QSDA V3, scheduled for GA next month will allow NTLM or Qlik for portal authentication. The Qlik authentication will piggyback on whatever authentication you have configured for the Qlik Sense proxy or Cloud site.

There are no roles available to limit applications, but if you use the QLIKLOGIN connection type the user will be limited to the apps they normally see in the hub.

You can define a CERTIFICATE connection for API use and QLIKLOGIN connection(s) for users. Mark the API connection as “API only” and it won’t be available to users in the connection dropdown.


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Thank you so much Rob for your time and sorry for not reading all the info available on the “what’s new” section before reaching out for help.

One last question please because I didn’t find the info on this one, like I said above, we are on an entreprise edition with 100 users… is there something available that can let us monitor or see the number of licence used and how much are left ?

Thanks again !


Hi Youssef,
The current version of QSDA, V2, does not provide user monitoring. The upcoming V3 will provide user management and monitoring.


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Thank you Rob !