QViewer 4.3.0 is available

QViewer release 4.3.0 is available for download here.

This release contains the following changes:

  • A new “Jump to column” command when viewing QVD opens a column find dialog and scrolls the windows to the selected column (field). Invoke with F7 or menu icon

  • QVD Creator metadata field is now selectable for copying.

  • Right-click cell Copy command added to Table Metadata window.

  • New Timestamp “yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:s” field formatting option.

  • Fix for Format command. In some newer QVDs, the Format command had no effect.


Thanks for the upgrade; maybe a little issue:
when selecting the hh:mm:ss format, the hours are not correct for timestamps in the afternoon:
should be 18:30, not 06:30

(i can’t post a 2nd screenshot as a new user… )

could you check?

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix that.


@MikaelSc The timestamp format is fixed in QViewer 4.3.1. You can download now at

Thank you very much !