QViewer no longer starting

Qviewer will not start anymore, when I double click, the computer seems to be busy for about a second but the application won’t start, there is no error message, nothing shows up in task manager. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried to uninstall and install the latest version, it made no difference.

One of these two articles will likely hold the solution to your problem.

No windows appear on QViewer startup

If you start QViewer and no window appears, it may be that your QViewer window is positioned off screen. In this case you will see the QViewer icon in the windows taskbar but no Qviewer window to work with.

You can correct this issue by using the Windows Move window command.

  1. Double-click the QViewer icon in the windows taskbar. to ensure that QViewer is the active application.

  2. Press Alt-spacebar on your keyboard. The Windows “window” menu will appear.

  3. Using the arrow key + enter, or left-mouse click, select “Move” from the window menu.

  4. Use the arrow keys to move the QViewer window left or right until it appears on the screen. Press enter to finish the move.

QViewer stops immediately after launch - corrupted config file


QViewer terminates immediately after launch. No error message is displayed.

Other Symptoms:

Windows Event Log (Application) entries like:

Faulting application name: QViewer.exe
Exception code: 0xe0434352


The QViewer config file is corrupted.


Delete and recreate the config file.

  1. Delete the existing “EasyQlik QViewer.config” file. This file is normally located in folder “C:\Users\rob\AppData\Local\EasyQlik\QViewer”.

  2. Start QViewer. The config file will be recreated automatically. If licensed, you will be prompted to re-enter your license email.