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Save "Filter and column selection" to file

Hi Rob,

one more feature would be nice.

In Version V4 you made it possible to automatically restore the “Filter and column selection” after reloads.

Is it possible to store these information to a file and load it later to bring back the saved state?
If a column doesn’t exists anymore the information for this column can be dropped while loading this file.
So it should be possible to load a save file to every already opened QVD.
This would be helpful if you follow some test files in a transformation with nearly the same columns.
Or you can use this save file to compare the information/result between a backup copy of a QVD and a newer release of the same QVD.

Would something like a bookmark feature meet the requirement? I’m thinking of something like being able to save the current filters under a name and being able to restore those later.


Would be perfect.
Will there be more than one filter-file?

I think you will place one or two new buttons in the command line when a qvd is loaded.
And this buttons will open a dialog to select / store a filter file?

It’s important that the source and target qvd for the filter have not to be the same file.
So a filter from one qvd can be used by another qvd.
If there are columns in the filter file that are not exists in the qvd that shouldn’t matter.
Jump over the information for not existing columns in the qvd.
So a filter can be used for different qvd with similar layout.

Another idea.
Could you make it possible to copy a fieldname to clipboard from the “Table Metadata”-popup?
Like the function “Copy column name” from the main window?
At the moment I check only the necessary field and push the button “Generate LOAD statement”.
In the following popup I can copy the fieldname.

I imagine this would work like the Qlik bookmark feature. You could save your current filters under a name. You could save more than one set each with a different name. When you apply a named set, I will match whatever columns and values I can in the current QVD. Values that don’t match would be ignored.

I will add a Right-Click “copy cell value” function to the Table Metadata window.


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