Searching for Object Id

Hi is there an easy way of search for a specific object id and locate which sheet it is to go and debug, e.g. we had and NP and Qlik error, exam we have an app with many objects and NP is throwing an error so we looking for a specific objectid and sheet on which it lies knowing which sheet it lies on will make it easier

WARN: error during report generation: Object puPcVd from Sense app 0c5af015-b1f8-465d-811e-68ff3fba5769 had problems while rendering. ERROR: CEF rendering exception. Error ‘CEF_ON_JS_ERROR_MESSAGE_RECEIVED’. Image failed to render due to a JavaScript error. For further details, check ‘e538d9c2-b91a-4dc7-97a9-532c7db63a68’ in nprinting_engine_cef.log.

with the old version one could global search

There is not a simple way to search for an objectid. In the next update I will add ObjectId as a viz column so you can search it there. In the meantime you can use the Tools > Export Analysis as CSV feature and locate the objectid in the VizObjects.csv file.