Single User License - access


I have a question on the deployment scenario for the 1 user license.
It says in the description this will be a Desktop Version opposite to the 5 user version which is a server version.
Does it mean the Desktop Version is stilled accessed via Browser only on localhost, or can we install this version as well on a server and access via browser, but just for one user?

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The Desktop version can only be accessed via localhost. The desktop license is intended to be used from a desktop machine. Technically you can install it on a server machine, but you must remote in to the server to use it.


Thanks for the clarification Rob.
One additional question: The user that is configured in QSDA to connect to Qlik Sense, does it need to have a Qlik Sense license assigned on the target Qlik Sense server?

Qlik Sense license requirement depends on the QSDA connection type. CERTIFICATE and QLIKLOGIN connections do not require a license on the target Qlik server, all other connection types do.