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Site can't be reached

Hello, I have recently installed QSDA version 1.3 in one of our qlik sense servers. I can open the web interface when I am inside the server but when accessing outside the server using the windows connection type it returns that the site cannot be reached. We reached out to our server team but seems it has something to do with the configuration of the application that needs to be changed to allow it to recognise a connection with the alternative hostname. Could you help us on this one?

btw, we tried the 1.2.4 beta version prior to installing this. our concern that time is it took 7 hrs and counting to analyze not until our user stop the analysis. Is this something to do with the app should be published before the analysis?

Thank you for your response to this.


  1. Regarding reaching the host at sdc-qcs10. Accessing other than localhost requires the Enterprise license.

Regarding the length of time to take analysis. Some ideas:

  1. There is an outstanding bug where in some cases the progress bar says the analysis is still running but it is actually complete. Try a browser refresh to see if the progress bar changes to complete.
  2. If the analysis is still taking a long time, the first thing to look at is what the status and progress percent is. If is “Collecting Calctime” you can take a few steps to address this:
    a) Set a bookmark so you are calculating with a smaller set of selected data.
    b) Try running an analysis with “Collect Calctime” option unchecked.
    If it is delayed in some other step, you may need some help from me to investigate. How big os the app? (# of sheets, approx num of viz). What is the progress percentage number when it appears to hang?


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