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Suboptimal numeric storage for integer sent to ApplyMap

I bring in numeric values from Snowflake which I then send to an ApplyMap to pick up a text value, and I only keep the “as” field, not the original numeric field - yet it is still triggering this flag. Here’s an example:

ApplyMap(‘Map_CLOSING_COSTS_RANGE’, CLOSING_COSTS_RANGE) as “Closing Costs Range”,

And sure enough it’s numeric in the data model:

Here it is in my app:

This is a Qlik thing; but from a QSDA perspective, I don’t know how to understand the current hint: “…if this field were stored in numeric form.”

The Flag is raised because the field contains only numeric data but is it is stored as a string, taking more space than necessary. What does QSDA report as the “Average Symbol Width” for this field?

The labels in my chart show that the field should be text, doesn’t it? E.g. “<=$500”…?

The average symbol width is 17.12.


Ok. I must be mis-interpreting this as a numeric only field. Can you show how the second map field is created?

Sure - it’s done here (just showing the beginning of the load statement). Is it the dual? I use that for sorting.

Mapping Load
Value, Dual(Label, Value)
Inline [
Value, Label
0, ‘$0’
500, ‘<=$500’
1000, ‘$500-1K’

Yes, it’s the dual that is creating the larger field length. Nothing wrong, as that is your intent. I need to refine the Flag.

Ok, great - thanks Rob.