Table Metadata export to Excel

It would be great on the Table Metadata view to be able to export straight to Excel.

This should be doable. Let me take a look and I’ll give you a timeframe.

Thanks Rob - no rush.
Probably in a similar vein…could the Excel exports from the other parts of the application be “flattened” rather than grouped? (attached) - I’m dealing with qvd extracts of 500+ tables and would be processing the metadata either through a metadata scanner and/or excel. (I’m not that smart in Excel to unwind the groupings :wink:)

I’ll consider the flattened idea. In the meantime, here’s a Qlik script to split the grouped xlsx into Files and Fields tables.

// Script to load a "File and Detail" xlsx exported from QViewer.
// Load all rows, assigning a Key to each file and flag each row as either File/Field.
	if(IsNum(Rows), Folder & '/' & [File Name], Peek('Key')) as Key,
	if(IsNum(Rows), 'File', 'Field') as RowType,
	[Table Name], 
     [File Name], 
     [File Size], 
     Comment as [Table Comment]
[C:\temp\qvdlist2.xlsx]   // your export filename
(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1)

// Load the Fields into a table.
	[Table Name] as [Field Name],
	Fields as [Unique Values],
	Rows as [Field Comment],
	[File Name] as Tags
Resident Files
Where RowType = 'Field'
and [Table Name] <> 'Field Name'

// Keep only the File rows in the Files table.
Inner Join(Files)
LOAD 'File' as RowType
AutoGenerate 1;
Drop Field RowType;

That was very kind of you to provide the code. Good old PEEK fn.
Thanks Rob!

Export Table Metadata to Excel has been delivered in the 4.1.2 update.

Fantastic! thanks…look forward to using it. (Maybe after QlikWorld sessions)